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Water Testing

Now Offering ... PurTest™
Easy ... Reliable ... Accurate

Only $20.00
Please visit our office to purchase your test kit!

PurTest Bacteria, Nitrate, Nitrite are EPA based methods designed to easily check the safety of drinking water, pool water or hot tub water.

PurTest Bacteria, used and tested by health departments, utilities and inspectors, has proven to be almost flawless in detecting the presence of dangerous bacteria.

PurTest Nitrate & Nitrite instantly detect potentially harmful levels of these pollutants, which for infants, may cause a sometimes fatal "Blue Baby" condition.

PurTest is the reliable, accurate and affordable way to regularly test the safety of water.

Bacteria Test

Add water, shake, set at room temperature and after incubation, purple (negative) means no unsafe bacteria detected; yellow (positive) indicates unsafe bacteria is present.

Nitrate, Nitrite Tests

A color match or shade lighter (negative) indicates nitrate and nitrite levels are within EPA standards.  A darker shade (positive) indicates a dangerous pollution level.

If your water tests positive for bacteria or if you wish to test for the below, you should follow the steps to the right and have us test your water as soon as possible!
Click here for definition! pH 
Click here for definition! Hardness
Click here for definition! Copper
Click here for definition! Iron
Click here for definition! Manganese
Click here for definition! Iron Bacteria (sent to certified lab)
Click here for definition! Sulfur (sent to certified lab)
Click here for definition! Tannin
Click here for definition! TDS
Click here for definition! Color
Click here for definition! Solids
Click here for definition! Odors
Click here for definition! Chlorine
Click here for definition! E. Coli (sent to certified lab)


To have your water tested, please do the following:

  • Use a clean, screw-on lid container which has not been used for tea or vinegar, preferably a water bottle
  • Turn on the Kitchen Faucet and let run at least 10 minutes on Cold Water
  • Fill to top with little or no Air
  • Bring to Royall Pump & Well as soon as possible or refrigerate
  • Your water will be tested and results given to you within 5 days.

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