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Troubleshooting Well and Water Problems

Q Why does water not come from my well anymore?
A There may be several reasons why water is not delivered from a well. First check your breaker
box to see if the breaker is tripped. You should call Royall Pump & Well Company to check the pump and pump control equipment, which may have failed. The pump installer can also check the water level in the well. Overuse of the aquifer may have dropped the groundwater level below the depth of your well.

Q Why does my well seem to pump less water than it used to?
A Over time minerals or bacteria can constrict your water well screen or your water system pump or piping. Overuse or seasonal lack of recharge of the aquifer can also cause the groundwater level to drop and thus decrease the amount of water that can enter the well. We can clean your well screen and check your pump, piping and water level. We can also measure the yield of your well and compare it to the yield when the well was originally drilled.

Q Why does my pump seem to run every time I turn on the tap?
A The pressure in your water system is regulated by a pressure tank so that the pump does not have to be run every time there is demand for water. The tank has an air bladder in it that can rupture. Call us at 804.598.8147 to check the pressure tank.

Q Why does my water leave stains on fixtures and clothes?
A Your water likely has lots of dissolved minerals in it. Have the water tested by a laboratory to determine its chemical composition. You can then use the Water Treatment Decision Guide in this booklet, or call Royall Pump & Well Company to help you decide what treatment equipment may be appropriate for your well and water.

Q Why is there a lot of sediment in my water?
A Your well may have been improperly developed to remove excess drilling fluids and sediment when it was drilled. Or your well casing or well seals may have failed. Give Royall a call to inspect the well and determine the source of the sediment.

Q Why does my water smell or taste like chemicals?
A Your well may be polluted with chemicals. Stop using the water immediately. Call the Health Department to help you find out where the source of the chemical contamination may be and what to analyze your water for. Have the water tested by a laboratory for likely chemical pollutants.

Q Why does my water fizz?
A Your well water has gas dissolved in it. This gas may be harmless air or carbon dioxide. It may also be methane. Have the water tested by our laboratory at Royall Pump & Well Company to determine what the gas is and whether or not a treatment system is necessary.