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What is a SubDrive?

SubDrive is Franklin Electric's family of constant pressure controllers. SubDrive controllers provide constant pressure by continually monitoring and adjusting the pump speed to meet water supply demands. SubDrives also eliminate pressure cycling during long-running applications such as landscape irrigation and geothermal heat pump operation. All in all, SubDrives combine reliability and state-of-the art technology to provide well owners with a premium water system.

SubDrive QuickPAK is Franklin’s newest system solution package, designed to make installing a constant pressure system even easier.  
Download Product Overview
Motor, pump, and drive in one package
Selection based on flow requirement
System-specific performance curve
Available in NEMA 1 or NEMA 3R rated enclosures
5-year warranty on QuickPAK components


Designed to handle high capacities, SubDrive300 is perfect for larger applications where constant pressure is essential: commercial landscaping, small livestock operations, nurseries, even some large residential applications. Easy to install and outdoor rated (NEMA 4), SubDrive300 is the constant pressure solution you’ve been waiting for.

SubDrive300 Features
5HP Performance
NEMA 4 Enclosure for Outdoor use
Single-phase Input / Three-phase Output
Wide Range of Pressure Settings (25-80 psi)
Built-in Diagnostic Protection
UL recognized for US and Canada
Excellent radio requency interference shielding
Smart Reset® technology allows well recovery before restarting the pump
Easy to install