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Planning to Construct a Well?

If you plan wisely, a good, dependable water well can supply you with all the water you need now and in the future.  The following is a checklist of steps to obtaining a well:

1)  Figure How Much Water You Need?
Consider all present and potential water uses
such as:

  • Dishwasher

  • Clothes Washer

  • Multiple Bathrooms

  • Swimming Pool

  • Lawn & Garden Irrigation

  • Fruit & Vegetable Preparation

  • Fire Protection

  • Single Family/Multi-Family/Basement

  • Out Buildings

  • Ground Water Geothermal Heat Pump for Year Round Heating & Cooling

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Water Requirements!

2)  Call your Local Health Department for well & septic permit.  They will survey the site and suggest the well site in conjunction to the house and drain field locations.

3)  Give Royall Pump & Well a call.  We will review the permit and make a recommendation for your well taking into consideration your safety and benefits of your property.

4)  Review the proposal, sign and return.  We will generate a proposal based on the above information and your needs that will be reflective of what we would expect from previous wells in the area.

The Cost of your Well is dependent on the following:

  • Drilling: cost per foot

  • Casing: cost per foot

  • Cost of other materials (such as drive shoes, screens, seals, etc.)

  • Cementing

  • Developing

  • Pumping equipment/delivery system

  • Test Pumping etc.

  • Water treatment equipment

The time to construct a well depends on depth, unique geological formations we may or may not encounter.

5)  Install Pump.  After the well has been constructed, Royall Pump & Well along with the customer will determine the size of the Pump needed.  Pump and plumbing will be installed.

6)  We will disinfect the Well.

7)  Water Test - upon customer request - to test for mineral content upon completion analysis

8)  Recommendation of Filtration System - if needed.