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Mud Rotary Drilling Method

In the rotary method of drilling, action is accomplished by rotating a drill pipe by means of a power driven rotary table or hydraulic powered top head drive, with a bit attached to the bottom of the pipe. The bit cuts and breaks up the material as it penetrates the formation. Drilling fluid for mud is pumped through the rotating drill pipe and through holes in the bit. This fluid swirls in the bottom of the hole picking up material broken by the bit, then flows upward in the space outside the drill pipe, carrying the cuttings to the ground surface and clearing the hole.

The greater the fluid flow the faster the drilling. The drill pipe and bit move downward deepening the hole as the operation proceeds. At the surface, drilling mud flows into a ditch to a settling pit where the cuttings settle to the bottom. From the settling pit the fluid overflows into another pit from which it is picked up through the suction hose of the mud pump and re - circulated through the drill pipe. In the rotary drilling method the casing pipe is not introduced until after the drilling operations are completed. The walls of the hole are held in place by the pressure of the mud pump against the sides of the hole.


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