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Royall Pump
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Robert W. Royall, Owner

2958 Anderson Highway
Powhatan, VA  23139


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Cartridge Filters & Housing

Making sure that your water is safe and pure for you and your family is our goal.  We offer Housings and Filters to help cleanse your water from unwanted minerals and debris.

We are authorized distributors for HarmscoŽ, Big BlueŽ & RuscoŽ.

Pleated Design for More Surface Area & Superior Filtration for Increased Contaminant Removal

Our filter cartridges offer superior filtration because our filter media is pleated for more surface area and increased particulate removal.  We offer up to twelve times more surface area than depth type cartridges.

Low Pressure Drop

Flow restriction is less severe with our cartridges because our pleated design offers more filtration media than competitive products.

Longer Filtration Runs for Fewer Change-outs and Less Maintenance

More dirt, sediment and other particulate is removed in our pleated media to provide significantly longer filtration runs compared to depth type cartridges.  For this reason, our cartridges require fewer change-outs, and labor costs are reduced.

Highly Efficient

Removal efficiencies are shown below based on tests conducted by the Microtrac Division of Leeds & Northrup Co.

Filter Cartridge Percent Removal
801-0.35 99.9%
801-1 99.9%
801-5 99.9%
801-10 99.5%
801-20 98.5%

FDA Approved Materials

Our cartridges may be used for portable water and liquid foods because all materials are FDA approved.

Seven Micron Ratings & Color Coding

Our cartridges are available in the following nominal micron ratings, each with color coded end caps for easy identification:

0.35 Brown Sub-Micron
1 Tan Very Fine
5 White Fine
10 Red Fine-Medium
20 Blue Medium
50 Yellow Course
100 Green Very Course

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