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Royall Pump
& Well Company
Robert W. Royall, Owner

2958 Anderson Highway
Powhatan, VA  23139


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Filter Media
Royall Pump & Well can fill your Backwashing Filters with a media or a combination of medias as outlined below to effectively remove the unwanted minerals from your water supply. 
Media Description Handles
Neutralizer Granular/White/Sacrificial to water with pH < 7.0/Max pH correction to 7.2/Lowest pH application 5.8/Must be replenished about every 3-6 months Sediment
pH Correction
Neu-Cor™ 70% neutralizer/30% Corosex II mix.  Sacrificial to water with any pH /max pH correction determined by contact time used for correction of extremely low pH down to 5.0 / must be replenished every 3-6 months. Sediment
pH Correction
Granular Activated Carbon Granular/Black/Wide application for removal of organics and some inorganics / Must be replaced on a regular basis / Life expectancy varies based on use Sediment
Taste/Odor/Color Chlorine/Iodine
Birm™ Granular / Gray / Must not be used on waters with pH < 6.8 / Must have dissolved oxygen present at a level of at least 15% of Iron & Manganese ppm / Max Iron & Manganese level 10 ppm / Estimated life about 8-10 years Sediment
Iron (clear & red)
Manganese (clear & red)
Filter Ag™ Granular / Off-White / Wide application for removal of sediment / Life expectancy is unlimited Sediment
REACTR™ Blend Granular / White-Black / Blend of Neutralizer, Filter Ag & Birm / Max life expectancy about 8-10 years but is dependent upon pH Sediment
Iron (clear & red)
Manganese (clear & red)
Sulfur Particles
Corosex II™
(Magnesium Oxide)
Semi-round / Off-White / Magnesium Oxide / Extremely reactive to pH dissolving rapidly adding alkalinity / 30% Corosex II - 70% Neutralizer is best blend for correcting low pH / Will raise pH from lows around 5.0 as high as 9.0 +/ Must be replenished frequently  Sediment (downflow) 
pH Correction
"D" Gravel Semi-Round / Brown / #20 Flint / Used as underbed for all media in all filters providing for excellent flow distribution in both service and backwash modes / Permanent unless fouled but can be cleaned and reused  Underbed

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