Boring & Drilling

Royall's bucket auger machine allows an economical choice for installing large diameter holes (up to 48") in to the earth's soil for depths up to 100ft. deep. With this equipment we offer:

  • 30"diameter shallow water wells

  • Dewatering wells

  • Drain wells

  • Soil investigation holes

  • Foundation holes

  • Light pole holes

  • Cathodic protection holes

Royall's modern fleet of drilling machines allows success in hard rock or coastal plain sediments where other equipment fails to succeed. We offer 6" through 24" diameter wells through bedrock sand, gravel or clay to depths up to 1600 feet deep.  With this equipment we offer:

  • Geothermal Wells

  • Residential Water Wells

  • Commercial Water Wells

  • Industrial Water Wells

  • Municipal Water Wells

  • Soldier Beam Sockets

  • Cathodic protection holes

  • Specialty drilling projects that require total containment of drill cutting through the Barber Dual-Rotary drilling method.

We also offer total containment of drilling fluids and drilled materials, to aid you in the protection of your property or environment.  We offer this service through special drilling processes such as the Dual Rotary method or the employ of upper casing seals allowing discharge of drilled materials directly into a silk bag or roll off dumpster.

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