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Air Injection Filtration Systems
By using the Air We Breathe ...

REACTR Water Treatment Systems represent an advanced innovation in the treatment of water using aeration.  Air efficiently mixes with water and permits iron particles to be trapped and sulfur smell to be exhausted.  You get clear water that tastes and smells fresh.

  • Improves bad taste, odor & color
  • Eliminates sediment problems
  • Stops red iron stains and sulfur odor
  • All without chemicals!
  • Better Tasting Beverages & Food
  • Whiter & Brighter Laundry
  • Less Cleaning Supplies Needed
  • Softer & Cleaner Hair & Skin
Special Options for Special Problems

While the REACTR stops odor, iron stains and adjust acid water, a softener might be required for certain hard water conditions.  Royall Pump and Well will be able to determine if your water requires a softener and recommend the proper equipment.

The REACTR is also available with an optional Oxy-Clean system that can clean your water supply system from the aeration tank through the filter.  Chlorine or citric acid is introduced at the aeration tank manifold and removed in the filter bed during backwashing.  The lines and the pressure tank are cleaned without adding any chemicals to your drinking water.  No other system on the market today can offer you this protection.


Manganese Removal

REACTR's capability to remove Manganese from water is critically dependent on the iron and pH levels as shown below:

If the Iron To
Ratio is:
Then The pH
Must Be
At Least:
10:1 7.0
5:1 7.8
1:1 8.3
0:1 8.5

Iron and Sulfur Removal

For effective Iron and Sulfur removal, the water's ppm must be on or below these curves:

For General Specifications and installation sample ... please visit page 2

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